Lunchtime Clubs

An extensive program of lunchtime clubs and activities are offered to our students with several clubs running each day.  Our staff work alongside our student leaders to run lunchtime clubs in an areas of their own interest .  Some of our current clubs include: landscaping club, knitting club, gardening club, book club, choir,  and   

Dance Club…

Dance club is a student run lunchtime club, and it is currently run by some of our Year 6 leaders every Tuesday. Students from all year levels participate in dance club.

Our frequent dancers love dance club for many reasons!   ‘I love dance club because you learn new dance moves, I didn’t know any moves before I started’ – Maggie

‘I like dance club because I want to become a dancer, maybe I can teach others like the Grade 6s teach us’ – Jaz

                         Dance club 2                 Dance club 1

Lego Club…

Lego Club runs once per week and students from any year level are able to participate.  Students work collaboratively to free build or compete in challenges to make something.  Students from all Year levels love joining in together and embracing their love of Lego.

Lego club 1            Lego Club 4            Lego club 3        lego club 2

Chess Club…

Every Thursday we have a chess lunchtime club where students with varied levels of chess skill come to practise the game. There are always some highly experienced players ready to lend a hand and teach new skills!

Chess 1       Chess 2