Grade 6 – Term 1 Activities


Wonder Repsonse

During this unit, students will work on paragraph and essay structures as well as their comprehension and opinions of the book, Wonder.  This will involve:
  • Understanding the TEEL paragraph structure (topic sentence, evidence, explanations and linking sentences)
  • Connective words to make complex sentences
  • Formal sentence starters for persuasive text responses
  • Considering common themes within a book
  • Discussing character traits
  • Understanding a variety of techniques an author uses to influence a reader


Nonfiction Texts – Biography/Information Report

During this unit of work students will be learning about information texts and non-fiction writing. Students will be given a variety of mini lessons to improve their writing skills including lessons on:

  • Analysing writing samples and identifying the features of examples that are below expected, at expected or above expected
  • Analysing the features of a non-fiction text
  • Using a thesaurus to find interesting synonyms
  • Note taking and research skills
  • Glossaries
  • Visuals and captions
  • Editing writing for grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Editing writing for word choice
  • Editing writing for organisation and paragraphs
  • Editing writing for sentence fluency, omitting repeated words and changing sentence starters


Place Value, Addition and Subtraction

In this unit, students will continue to develop their knowledge of place value, addition and subtraction. The skills taught will focus on fluency, understanding, problem solving and reasoning. A range of skills that will be explored in this unit are:

  • Explain the value of a digit in a number according to its place value
  • Partition and regroup numbers into a variety of place value columns
  • Use a variety of strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems involving whole and decimal numbers
  • Apply understandings to solve a variety of worded problems.
  • Order and compare whole and decimal numbers.
  • Round numbers in order to estimate calculations.
  • Use estimates and alternative methods to check answers.
  • Analyse incorrectly solved problems, in order to identify the mistake made.


Personal and Social Capability

During this unit, students will be undertaking a range of of individual, group and whole class activities that help them to:

  • recognise, understand and evaluate the expression of emotions
  • have strategies to manage emotional responses (the size of the problem, expected size of the reaction)
  • demonstrate an awareness of their personal qualities and the factors that contribute to resilience
  • develop empathy for and understanding of others and recognise the importance of supporting diversity for a cohesive community
  • understand how relationships are developed and use interpersonal skills to establish and maintain respectful relationships
  • work effectively in teams and develop strategies to manage challenging situations constructively.

Australians At War

During this unit, students will explore the historical context and background of a variety of wars including WW1, WW11, the Vietnam War and other important military events.  This will involve:

  • Considering the causes of war
  • Understanding the effect war has on a variety of society members
  • Understanding the challenges Australian Military Forces experience
  • Developing a respect for those who have served our country