School Council

Introduction to the School Council

Your School Council is made up of school staff as well as dedicated parents.  The members of the council bring a wealth of knowledge and real life experiences.  In the past we have a Professor, Physiologist, Accountant, IT Specialist, Graphic Designer, Retired Paramedic, University Administrators and Lecturers.

The feedback and contribution from all the councillors ensures a valued and well thought through decision.

School Council responsibilities

School Council is responsible for monitoring and making decisions about many aspects of school operations. Councilors are elected for 2 year terms, with 50% membership renewed each year. The Principal is an ex-officio member of Council. The Council may also co-opt additional parents or staff onto Council, specifically to address particular needs.

During monthly meetings, Council receives reports from the Principal, each of the four sub-committees Finance, Education, Facilities and Marketing as well as from Junior School Council, Parent Group, Sophie Giles Centre and working parties as may be convened from time to time.

All parents are invited to attend the meetings of Council and to be actively involved in one or more of the sub committees. Council meeting dates are listed in the school website calendar.