Grade 1 – Term 1 Activities

Reading  Accuracy and Literal Comprehension

During this unit, students are continuing to develop their reading skills, in particular, focusing on their accuracy and comprehension. They will learn about the qualities that make a book a ‘good fit book’ for them. The focus skills are:

  • to use their knowledge of letters and sounds to segment and blend words in texts they read.
  • to demonstrate their literal understanding of what they have read by retelling the story, including the setting, characters, problem and solution.
  • to select good fit books, and explain why they are the right choice for them.

Writing – Mechanics of Writing

During this unit, students will be continuing to build their understanding of the conventions of writing including using correct pencil grip, correct letter formation, and using punctuation. They will also work towards using their sound and letter knowledge to support their writing. The focus skills are:

  • Using correct posture and pencil grip
  • Writing words legibly using unjoined letters of consistent size
  • Capital letters for starting sentences and names
  • Lower case letters for all other letters
  • Full stops
  • Making plausible attempts at spelling unfamiliar words using their knowledge of sounds and letters.

Numeracy – Patterns

During this unit the students are investigating colour, shape and number patterns using a variety of concrete materials, such as counters, coloured shapes and unifix. The focus skills are: 

  • creating and identifying the ‘core’ – the part of a pattern which repeats.
  • identifying and continuing a pattern 
  • exploring the patterns when counting by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s
  • recognising odd and even numbers
  • describing the characteristics of odd and even numbers.