Grade 1 – Term 2 Activities

Reading – 

Fairy Tales

During this unit students will explore narrative texts written for the purpose of entertainment by a range of different authors. At the completion of the unit students will have developed their understanding of the following;

  • That narratives are written with the purpose to entertain their audience.
  • The structure of narratives in terms of their beginning, middle and end.
  • That narratives have main characters, settings a problem and a resolution.
  • Narratives are written in a sequence of events that the reader can retell in order.
  • There are a range of ways to understand the information (words, pictures, own experiences and connections.)


Narratives and Fairy Tales

During this unit, students will build their understanding of the writing process and construct a personal fairy tale whilst developing their capacity in the following areas;

  • Developing and planning an idea in their Writer’s Notebook.
  • Following the process of Writing and drafting their idea into a logically sequenced story.
  • Developing a problem and resolution within their story.
  • Becoming more consistent with their use of conventions in writing e.g. full stops and capital letters.
  • Becoming more accurate with their understanding of spelling patterns used in writing.


Patterns and Counting

During this unit students will apply their knowledge of place value to develop their understanding of the following skills;

  • Recognise, continue and create pattern sequences, with numbers, symbols, shapes and objects including Australian coins.
  • Increase fluency of skip counting, initially by twos, fives and tens.
  • Identifying the repeating unit and recognising the importance of repetition in solving problems.

The Resilence Project

During this semester, student will engage in the Resilience Project aimed at developing their understanding of the key concepts of; Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness. Students will engage in explicit lessons, but also informal group discussions that will embed the content of the program. The research based program has seen a dramatic shift in student well being across various settings.