Grade 2 – Term 1 Activities

Grade 2 – Term 1


Creating a Community of Readers – Students will develop their ability to organise their book box, selecting ‘just right’ text, building reading stamina and modelling good reading habits.

Reading Narratives – Students will be able recognise different narratives, understand that authors use various elements to create stories and are able to explain a narrative’s purpose.


Creating a Community of Writers – Students will be able to meet the expectations of Writers’ Workshop and use 6+1 traits; ideas, word choice, voice and conventions to write an engaging and interesting piece of writing.

Writing Narratives – Students will be able to plan, draft, revise, edit and publish a narrative, demonstrating correct structure, spelling, and punctuation.


Place Value – students are exploring place value using a variety of resources to explore open ended tasks and problem solve. 
Addition/Subtraction – Students will be able to use various addition and subtraction strategies to solve problems.

Chance – students will be able to classify a list of everyday events according to how likely they are to happen, using the language of chance to explain their reasoning.


Inquiry (Transdisciplinary – Science / Design and Technologies / Critical and Creative Thinking / Digital Technologies)
What is sustainability?
Students will explore what sustainability means for the local environment through research, exploring the kitchen garden and planning, creating and designing a product using recycled materials.