Our Staff

Our 2020 staff members :

  • Stuart Boyle – Principal
  • Carol Ould – Assistant Principal
  • Lynn Bok – Foundation
  • Sherrin Dwyer – Foundation
  • Megan Cameron – Year 1
  • Michele Bowes – Year 1
  • Meredith Pocklington – Year 2
  • Rikki McCredden – Year 2
  • Ronan Stafford – Year 3
  • Jake Gordon – Year 3
  • Christina Bernhardt/Carla Nimiczeck – Year 4
  • Leigh Hodgson – Year 4
  • Mason Fitzgerald – Year 5
  • Elaine Kos – Year 5
  • Julie Price – Year 6
  • Suzanne Boatto – Year 6
  • Christopher Anderson – Health and Physical Education / Student Wellbeing
  • Jenny James – Librarian
  • Jodie Davis – Performing Arts
  • Katarina Mizzi – Music Specialist and Instrumental Music Coordinator
  • Marcia Williams – Studio Art
  • Joanna Henselwood- Science and Japanese
  • Mandy Stevens – Chaplain
  • Robyn Garrett – Business Manager
  • Shelley Elso – Office Administration Manager
  • Student Support Aides – Di Martini, Jess Motrom, Ashlee Larkins, Jackie Pancutt, Lindy Bills, Bec Hill, Ozana Milanovic, Lynette Roadknight and Justin North.


Lynn Bok
Lynn Bok

Lynn Bok (Foundation, Junior School Leader) has been instrumental in helping develop the intensive Transition Program, our Buddy Program, the Grade 6/Prep Tutor Program and our fantastic StaxaFun Fete. Lynn has been a regular teaching grade Prep and is currently the Leader for the Preps, Grade Ones and Twos. She also fulfils the role of Transition coordinator, supporting the Pre School children as they begin their journey to school.

‘What I love about teaching at BSPS is working with our fantastic children and their wonderful families. Belgrave South is a great community school. My colleagues are great people to work with; extremely dedicated and hardworking. The staff are always there to help and support each-other and, of course, care greatly for the children and their families.  Something that challenges me in my role is trying to fit everything in to each day. There is so much to teach and everything is important I simply run out of days in the week and hours in the day!’

In fulfilling my role, I feel strongly about providing for all the individual needs of the children that I teach. I believe that I need to educate the “whole child”, helping to develop not only their Academic skills but also ensuring they continually grow within their social and emotional development. I am so proud of my students when they show persistence with their learning even when they find something hard. I love to see my Grade working as a team and caring for each other.

I love our annual family holiday to Eden N.S.W. As a family we spend 3 weeks a year camping by the beach. I love Bali and have visited there a few times. I am looking forward to travelling to Europe one day. In my spare time I enjoy catching up with friends and family, going to the movies and reading. I also love music and dancing!’


Ronan Stafford
Ronan Stafford

Ronan Stafford (Year 4) describes his colleagues at BSPS as ‘down to earth, extremely hard-working and self-sacrificing, helpful people who enjoy what they do!’

Being a teacher at BSPS enables us to share the journey with our students…it is great to see them ‘master a skill and acquire new knowledge; being kind and supportive of one-another both in the classroom and in the yard; and I am especially proud of the students when they achieve as a school in sport, academic or any other pursuits.’

‘In fulfilling my role, I feel strongly about public schools receiving adequate funding…I am passionate about providing the best equipment and resources available to students and teachers.’

Ronan has coordinated several of the specialist programs offered at BSPS, including GATEWAYS, ICT, the grade 5/6 SEPEP sports program and the Super Coach competitions.

‘What I love about teaching at BSPS is the students, staff, families and community spirit. Also, the bakery, fish and chip shop and the green grocer! When I’m not working, I enjoy playing footy for Healesville, sleeping, playing with my son Ollie, PS3, watching TV and movies. I also like a bit of art & drawing when I get the chance. I love cars, especially those manufactured in Japan.‘


Marcia Williams
Marcia Williams

Marcia Williams (Studio Arts)  loves ‘being part of a community of beautiful, precious children and wonderfully caring parents’ at BSPS.  ‘My colleagues, the staff of, BSPS are caring, compassionate professionals and friends.’

‘In fulfilling my role, I feel strongly about every child’s value. I am so proud of my students when they take responsibility and do their personal best.’

The BSPS Maths ‘Quick Smart’ program is one of the specialist programs Marcia particularly values.

In her spare time, Marcia enjoys bush walking and gardening.


Julie Price
Julie Price

Julie Price (Year 6, Senior School Leader) is dedicated to ensuring her students are prepared for the challenges of their future educational experiences. She values providing every opportunity for students to find their own voice. Julie has been a key member of staff in creating the yearly Grade 6 Production and in running ‘Our Australians at War’ Unit of study.

‘I feel strongly about…empowering children to form opinions, and developing the confidence to express them. We are constantly challenged by the fact that we are educating young people for jobs that don’t yet exist!

What I love about teaching at BSPS is the community feel of the school. Our members of staff are friendly and supportive of each other and the children in our care. I am so proud of my students when they believe in themselves.

I love travelling to Bali and Singapore to visit my family. In my spare time I enjoy…chocolate!


Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson (Science & Health and Physical Education) believes a student-centred focus is the key to bringing out the best in everyone – his approach is all about enabling opportunities for each student to succeed. Chris plays a key role in coordinating the BSPS School Camps Program, and is also involved in the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Program on offer at the School. Chris is both a classroom and Physical Education teacher at BSPS.

‘What I love about teaching at BSPS are the kids. I am particularly proud of my students when they are rewarded for their great efforts! Something that challenges me in my role is finding the time to offer students a wide range of activities.

The staff at Belgrave South are a great team with the main focus being care for the students.’

Chris is also actively involved in community sport. He has played and coached at various levels at Mt Evelyn Cricket and Football Clubs: ‘In my spare time I enjoy sport, sport and more sport!’



Christine Bernhardt (Year 3)  Taught Art at Belgrave South Primary School for more than 10 years. Christine has been instrumental in facilitating students at all year levels to express their individuality and creativity in a supportive environment. She is dedicated to the continued development of the dynamic visual arts program in our School.

‘I’ve had the opportunity to work with small groups of students on various art projects. We were lucky enough to work closely with a ceramics artist through the ‘Artists in Schools’ program to develop the clay mural on the outside of our school building, near the Art room. Together we’ve created the beautiful mosaic murals and 3D forms as seen on display in our corridors.

It is wonderful working with such enthusiastic students who are keen to learn new skills. I am especially proud of

my students when they demonstrate the ‘Keys to Success’; Getting Along, Organisation, Persistence and

Christine Bernhardt
Christine Bernhardt

Confidence. Something special I have noticed about the staff at our School is that they’re friendly, supportive, extremely conscientious and committed to helping students achieve success.



I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as the Junior School Council mentor. Fundraising has been a major focus for us. We raised money for various charities, such as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, State Schools’ Relief, Zoos Victoria and The Kids’ Cancer Project.

A number of years ago I started drawing and painting. I’m looking forward to having more time one day to create my own artworks once again. I’d also like to explore other areas like Ceramics and Textiles. In my spare time I enjoy being with my beautiful family.’


Lindy Bills
Lindy Bills

Lindy Bills (Student Support) says ‘teaching at BSPS, I am learning something new every day. I am loving that we are cooking with our students – they are using things we have grown in the school garden.’

‘I feel strongly about supporting the children in their learning and I am so proud of them when they show others that they care.’

Lindy enjoys gardening and cooking in her spare time. Her family pets are two cats, a horse, a dog and a guinea pig!
More staff profiles are coming soon !!