BSPS Parents Group

The Parent Group consists of a group of parents who meet on a regular basis to organise events and projects which support the school.

Contact the school front office to find out when the next meeting is to be held.

What is the Parents Group? The Parents Group consists of parents/carers who meet on a regular basis to organize fundraising, special events and projects, which support the school.

What are the funds raised for? Funds raised are used to directly improve the school environment for all students. These have included items such as materials for the vegetable garden, equipment and supplies for the upcoming student restaurant, maths equipment, sporting equipment, ipads, airconditioning, smart boards, hand dryers, computer software and literacy support materials.  Each year around $10,000 is raised by the Parents Group alone.

This year with funds raised via the Parents Group we were able to support many request such as a mini kitchen in the BER and donate over $8,000 to the schools amazing new Cafe.

Do I need to support every fundraising activity? No! You may support as much or as little as you like. We understand that family budgets cannot always allow us to be involved in everything, so we suggest supporting things that you are financially comfortable with.

“I don’t have time to be on a committee” Everybody’s lives are filled with work, family commitments, sporting commitments, the list is endless. As much as we would love new members to join, what we really need are people who can help out at stalls and fundraisers. This could be for as little as 2 hours per year. We are trying to arrange a “helpers” list so that we can contact people when we need some help. There would be no obligation or pressure when we contact you. If you are unable to help out on that occasion, maybe another activity would be suitable.

Are children welcome? Yes! We have all had toddlers attend meetings with us at various stages. We are all parents and are there to support each other.

Please come along to future meetings and have some input into the events being run each year. All meetings are listed in the newsletter.

It is through the support of families and friends that our events are such a success. We understand not everyone can volunteer and people can assist in many different ways.

For further information on the Parent Group please contact the school office who will be happy to pass your details onto someone to contact you.