Cyber Safety – Resources and Information for Parents

acma_logo jpgWith digital and mobile technologies becoming integrated with most facets of our lives, it is paramount we educate our children about safe and responsible use of such devices. Grade 6’s have already undertaken digital licence modules through the eSmart website (grade 5’s will start shortly) but there’s plenty you can be doing at home to help.

Parents are often pretty good at monitoring their children’s use, however there is still plenty of risks associated with scams, fraudulent activity, viruses, bullying, accessing inappropriate material etc. We feel it’s important to visit some of the links listed below, view clips, take quizzes, read the information and discuss it with your children now and as they venture through their high schooling.

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How Cybersmart are you? (Quiz).

Parents guide to internet safety (5 part video).

Watch the video ‘Tagged’ (gr. 6 onward) (Video about the ramifications of online tagging).

Netbasics for families (10 short episodes explaining the good and bad of the internet).

Cybersmart Games (for children with special needs) 

Useful information via brochures:


Cybersafety resources

Cybersmart Guide for Families

Guide to onlinesafety

Mobile Phone Safety

Offensive Content

Socialising on the Internet

Is my child old enough for Facebook?

Is my child old enough for Instagram?

Is my child old enough for KIK?

Is my child old enough for MINECRAFT?

Is my child old enough for SNAPCHAT?

Is my child old enough for QOOH?

Is my child old enough for SMARTPHONE?

Is my child old enough for TWITTER?

Is my child old enough for TUMBLR? Q&A




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